Chastise Mankind

by Human Traces

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인간. 흔적들.
경계. 분리.
폭력. 사랑.
외로움. 혐오.

인간. 흔적들.
갈망. 멸망.
두려움. 악마.
어둠. 소멸.

인간. 흔적들.
현상위에, 현상을.
현상하는, 현상들.

인간. 흔적들.
죽음의 잔여물들.
자살. 몰살.

člověk. stopy.
hranice. odloučení.
násilí. láska.
osamění. znechucení.

člověk. stopy.
touha. zkáza.
strach. démon.
temnota. zánik.

člověk. stopy.
na přitomnosti, jev.
vyvolávaný, jevy.

člověk. stopy.
pozůstatky smrti.
sebevražda. vyvraždění.


I saw a lonely shadow swinging in the wind.
Eaten by the gathering gloom, who was the face hanged in a tree?

Inside its hollow eyes, darkness is wriggling.
Tearing the thin cracks of the skin, the sickening stench is crawling out.

I can’t face it anymore, I close my eyes and hide under the blanket.
But it sneaked in through the darkness.
It watches me! It watches me!
One windy autumn night.

It watches me, I’m watching it!
The night I gazed into the abyss.

‘Come with me, abandon the world of beasts.
Forswear being human.
Cut yourself up and release me.
You can be free, now come with me’

Its voice echoes inside of me.
No matter how tight I close my ears.
Its dancing shadow on my wall.
It licks my tears and bursts out laughing.

I can’t take it anymore, Let me fall into the sweetness of slumber.
But what I see through the window is a reflection of my own face.
One windy autumn night.

It watches me, I’m watching it!
The night I gazed into the abyss.

The sun rises up and the shadow is gone.

But the night comes back.
The night will come back.
The night is coming back.
The night is coming back.


Wie viele Kreuze braucht man, um das Seelenheil zu finden?
Wie viele Kugeln braucht man, um den Frieden zu finden?

Alles Schwarz.

Wie viele Leichen braucht man, um das Paradies aufzubauen?
Wie viele Tränen müssen fließen, um die Leere zu füllen?

Wann verliert die Hoffnung ihre Bedeutung?
Wenn man das Paradoxon des Seins versteht.
Wenn das Leben den Tod bedingt.

Alles Schwarz.

Komm, süßes Vergessen.
Rott alles Scheußliche aus, und erlös mich von meiner Qual der Existenz.

Komm, süße Krankheit.

Der Tod blüht,
während wir für das Nichts tanzen.
Der Tod blüht,
Wenn alles was ich sehe Schwarz ist.

Keine Liebe könnte uns retten.
Kein Leben würde uns retten.

Wie viele Kreuze brauchst du noch, um Kugeln regnet zu lassen?
Wie viele Leichen brauchst du noch, um die Tränen zu trocknen?


Right now, line up and raise your flag.
The flag of the great division.
This is the time for a massacre.

Don’t turn your eyes from each other.

We’ve separated ourselves from the animal.
From the Wickeds, from the Weaks, from the dying ones at your front door.

But why are you still being chased by the fear?

Violence and the victims.
But your substantial belief in the will is too solid.

Right now, line up.
Join yourself to the hate-parade.
Right now.
To build up a paradise for the devotees.

The festival begins.
Let the frenzy dance on the unbelievers.

Let them burn.
Let us burn.

Warmth of the maggots.
Filling the human deficiency.
Devour each other.
To fill the bottomless pit of fear.

Those who are denied to be human.
Let the death rain on them.

We’ve separated ourselves from the animal.
From the Wickeds, from the Weaks, from the dying ones at your front door.

Violence and the victims of a snake biting its own tail.

The night brings the equal darkness to everything under the sky.
The sky covered by the hands. What do you see through the fingers?


악을 경멸하는 너, 악을 숭배하는 너
인간을 그만두는 너, 인간을 부정하는 너

무엇이 되고 싶은가?
무엇이 두려워 경계를 긋고, 괴물의 입안에 잠이 드는가?

네 피부는 너를 가두고
외로움에 떠는 너를 천천히 좀 먹네

새빨갛게, 깊고 붉게
존재를 증명해줘
삶이여도 좋아, 죽음이여도 좋아
격렬히 먹어치우는 고독이여

내게 타당함을 줘, 그대를 사랑할 수 있게

이름을 흥얼흥얼 거리며, 선물 받은 가죽을 자랑하는 너
더 이상 외롭지 않아

색을 잃어가며 급류에 섞여드는 핏방울
아무도 그 고통을 눈치채지 못한채

뒤엉켜 웃네
뒤엉켜 웃네

배부른 괴물이 트림을 한다


released June 21, 2017

Everything written and performed by Human Traces
Mixing and sounddesign by Downfall Studios
Mastering by Massacre Studios

Human Traces are: Tom, Jacques, Kyuho, Johannes



all rights reserved


Human Traces Berlin, Germany

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